We recognize that how we live often stems from what we value most.
As a congregation, these are our Core Values:

Traditional, yet forward thinking

  • Worship and music are high priorities as we gather to center on the worship of Christ each Sunday.
  • We persevere with changes and challenges in community life, having adapted for over 150 years as a church with creative, find-a-way thinking.

Nurturing Community in All Places

  • For our community and the world, we reach out in care and support through active, engaged service and mission.
  • In deep relationship with one another, we offer hands-on involvement and friendship with each other.

Family-oriented and Intergenerational

  • We work creatively to provide opportunities for growth and friendships for our children and youth.
  • Beyond valuing families, we work to build connections and friendships for each person in every stage and age of life.
  • Our primary way of connecting is to engage life together to interact across generations, to know one another from our youngest to our oldest participant.

Practical Needs Are Remembered

  • With a rich history and an extraordinary building, we honor and preserve our story and are registered as a National Historic Site.
  • We seek to be good stewards of all we have been given, emphasizing the importance of every person, skill, talent and asset offered to the glory of God for the work this body of believers is called to be and to do.