Old Scotch Church Staff

Tracie Bullis

Photo of Pastor Tracie Bullis Photo of Parish Associate Chris Macfarlane

Parish Associate:
Chris Macfarlane

Office Administrator:
Jeffry Uecker

Photo of Office Administrator Jeffry Uecker Photo of Music Director Maurine Granat

Music Director:
Maurine Granat

Katherine Kinnear

Photo of Church Treasurer Katherine Kinnear Photo of Building Liaison Robi Knox

Building Liaison:
Robi Knox

Mission Statement

The mission of Old Scotch Church is to:
  • Discover the Father's Call
  • Celebrate the Spirit's Presence
  • Honor Christ's Teachings in Our Lives


We seek to discover God's call with an intellectual curiosity focused on studies of scripture. We cherish our heritage of reformed faith and tradition while rejoicing in the newness of each day on our journey with God. Our desire is to see people discover their need for a Savior and seek to serve through their God-given gifts.


We value an uplifting traditional worship service featuring an inspiring sermon that appeals to all ages. Nurturing deep relationships with one another and enjoying the fellowship we share are key values of our congregation. We rejoice in the diversity of God's kingdom with Spirit-guided activities that bring together young and old, rural and suburban, and varied backgrounds.


We recognize our imperfections and humbly challenge ourselves to use the example of Christ's life and the teachings of the Bible to show Christ's love to the immediate community and world around us. Our small historic church building, set in the woods and surrounded by a cemetery, is filled with a loving and welcoming family that strives to honor each other in prayer and deed. We welcome the curious and committed into our faith community.

The History of Old Scotch Church

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