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Current church policy offers our wedding ministry to church members only. Those interested in being married in our church who are not members are welcome to attend and participate in our congregational life for at least six months to consider a commitment of membership in our congregation.

Few occasions in life are more joyful than weddings. The joining of two lives fills us with amazement at God's goodness and wisdom. We are delighted to know that you are interested in having your wedding ceremony at Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church (The Old Scotch Church). The information provided here of our policies and procedures should help you plan for a wedding that is beautiful, joyful and appropriate for our faith tradition. We rejoice with you and look forward to helping you prepare for this service of Christian worship.



The wedding coordinator is available at the rehearsal, at the wedding, and prior to your wedding for consultation. She will contact you after your wedding date is confirmed, or you may contact her with any questions you have.



a. Make an appointment to discuss the wedding ceremony with the minister as soon as possible after confirming your wedding. Please plan to spend at least three meetings together for discussions about the wedding service, as well as preparing for your life together. These discussions will cover all aspects of the service, including options and alternatives. They will deal with the Christian understanding of marriage, the meaning and purpose of the wedding ceremony, and what to look for and work for in marriage. You may have another minister share in the wedding service if the current pastor of Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church is able to speak with and approve the minister.

b. Choose your music with care to ensure that it is suitable and reverent. Plan the music with the minister.

c. Make your own arrangements with an organist, or other musicians (i.e., instrumentalists, soloists) for participation in your wedding. If you need help in contacting such persons, ask our wedding coordinator for assistance.

d. The use of tobacco products or alcohol on the church property is not allowed.

e. Please work with our wedding coordinator regarding appropriate means of attaching decorations, including where items may be placed in our sanctuary. If you would like to leave a flower arrangement in the church to announce and celebrate your marriage with our church community, please make arrangements with our wedding coordinator.

f. Because the wedding service is a service of worship, please refrain from taking flash photography during the service. Non-flash photos and videos by professionals can be arranged for at the rehearsal.

g. We ask that celebrating your marriage after the service be limited to ways that do not leave debris at the church, such as blowing bubbles or releasing doves with your guests.



a. The sanctuary seats about 150 (maximum) people. It has two side aisles, with ten pews in the center section. There is no center aisle. The following are also provided:
1) Two candelabras (adjustable stand which handles seven candles each). By order of the Fire Marshall, the church candles must be used.
2) A table at the front of the sanctuary for an arrangement and a unity candle (if used).
3) An organ, piano, and guest book table.
4) Dressing rooms for both the bride and groom and their attendants.

b. Parking is available in the parking lot behind the church building. Street parking is allowed on Scotch Church Road.



The rehearsal is a vital part of the planning process and will assure that things run smoothly on your wedding day. Therefore, the following people are requested to attend: the bride, groom, ushers, attendants (including flower girls, ring bearers and candle lighters), bride's parent(s) and groom's parent(s). If there are others, such as a soloist, organist or other musicians, they are encouraged to come; if not, communication as to their timing during the service is important. The minister will guide you through the ceremony, and the wedding coordinator will be there as well to coordinate arrangements you have made.



The Fees related to a wedding at Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church include:
Building Fee: $400 (Paid directly to the Wedding Coordinator when you reserve the church. Church members active for one year prior to the wedding do not pay a building fee.)
Wedding Coordinator Fee: $300 (Paid directly to the Wedding Coordinator when you reserve the church.)
Minister Fee: $300 (Paid directly to the Old Scotch Church Minister after your first meeting together.)
These fees to the church confirm your reservation, pay for the use of the sanctuary, bride's and groom's dressing rooms, the services of the minister and our Wedding Coordinator.

If you are planning to have a reception at the church, two fees are due when you confirm your reservation. These are paid directly to our Wedding Coordinator. The first fee is a Reception Campus Fee of $150.00. The second fee is the Reception Fee. This fee is based on the number of guests and details that you work out with our Wedding Coordinator.

Organists, pianists, soloists and other musicians selected by the wedding couple set their own fees, generally running between $100 and $200. Please ask for exact fees when hiring musicians.



When you confirm your reservation, we will reserve the use of the church for a limited time. Please work with the wedding coordinator on timing issues, such as decorating the sanctuary and flower arrival.



If after confirming your wedding date, you change your plans, please work with the wedding coordinator as soon as possible regarding your options for rescheduling. If you desire to cancel your wedding with the church, a partial refund will be negotiated with the wedding coordinator, but will not include any expenses incurred (including, but not limited to, counseling fees, wedding coordinator consultation fees, staff time costs).



If, after reading through this information, you would like to have your wedding at the Old Scotch Church, please send a completed reservation form and your remittance to the address mentioned on the form.

Printable policies and procedures

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